Synonyms for ‘Horrible’ – Simple Ways to Expand English Vocabulary

Posted On: October 30, 2016

That was such a horrible thing to say! “Horrible” could be a good word to use here, but what are some other synonyms for “horrible?”
Do you want to expand your vocabulary? Try using synonyms to bring richness and variety into your spoken English.

Here are some useful tips to help you use synonyms:

  • Write out the sentence that you want to use or repeat it multiple times. 
  • Choose a word to replace with its synonym. 
  • Look up the definition of the synonym. 
  • Does the definition convey what you want to say? 
  • Replace the word and re-write the sentence (note, some sentences will need to be restructured). 
  • Try using synonyms in your daily conversation to build up your vocabulary and range of expressions. 
  • More ideas and tips in the introduction post to this series, click here
Synonyms for ‘Horrible’ – Simple Ways to Expand English Vocabulary

Synonyms for ‘Horrible’ – Simple Ways to Expand English Vocabulary

Some synonyms for ‘Horrible’ are: 

• Awful
• Atrocious
• Cruel
• Deadly
• Detestable
• Deplorable
• Dreadful
• Gross
• Hideous
• Horrendous
• Horrifying
• Terrible
• Vicious
• [Really] Bad
• Ugly


You could possibly also use the idiom “on the rocks.”


Not everyone will agree that the words in this list are synonyms, as the original word may not express a similar thought or evoke similar emotions. That’s alright. To expand our vocabulary and range of expression, we must take risks and try new ways of conveying our thoughts and ideas. It’s a trial and error method. It’s also about finding our own voice and using the words that we feel is apt. This identifies us as ‘unique’ individual, and helps us to find our personality while speaking English.

Look out for more in this series. Thanks to all my Facebook friends for participating!

Feel free to add more ideas to this synonym list in the comments section.

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