American Communication Fundamentals in Business: Training Program

Knock the socks off of  your US counterparts by  taking this course! Overview  This 20 hour program will be delivered over five business days. This program can be adjusted to fit the needs of your audience, schedule, skill level and business outcome.  Objectives  Understanding effective and logical writing structures for clear, impactful writing  How to organize […]

Ensure Trust and Confidence with US Clients

Americans appreciate a structured, timely approach to meetings. It is important to have a well-thought out agenda which is followed by the participants. If a person is absent or late, and the agenda has to be shuffled around or changed in order, assure that this is noted in the beginning of the meeting, which I […]

Building Credibility with US Clients as an India-Based Business

Jennifer (of Authentic Journeys), standing with the Cabot Solutions Management Team (L to R): Venkata, Shamly, Venkatesh, Pradeep. “As I studied in Canada and had relationships with Canadians, I always wanted to work with Canadians. My impression of this market, though, was not the reality. Canadians are more conservative and risk averse than their American […]

10 Tips to Work Effectively With Americans: Tips from ThinkPalm

Manoj KP, Director and CEO of ThinkPalm Technologies shares the top ten tips to work successfully with American clients and counterparts.  10 Ways to Set a Good Impression and Quickly Build Relationships with US Clients Be clear – if you don’t understand, get clarity, summarize and assure you understand.  Vet all processes up front   […]

Achievements in Offshore Outsourcing – The QMiS Story

QMiS Systems, an offshore Mortgage Banking technology supported IT/ITeS company started in Kochi, India in February 2013. Growing from a few key people in 2013 to over 40 today (February 2016), the India heads Brito George and Boby Thomas are looking forward to the future and the growth of their operations.    Learn More about […]

Understanding US Cultural Norms to Build Business Relations: Tips from Suyati

“Sitting in the terminal waiting for my flight to depart from the U.S. back to India, an American lady approached me. After greeting me, she asked me if I was from India. As soon as I said yes, she asked me if I could spare a moment to look at her computer!”  The Rise of […]

Creating Successful Offshore Teams: The Techolution Story

“I have had a lot of positive experiences of India,” said Luv Tulsidas, CEO of Techolution, “As my family originate from India, I used to travel there frequently growing up. Having this experience, I was always curious why Indians who left India seemed to rise to success faster than those who stayed in India. I […]


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