Groundhog Day – A Fun Observance in the US & Canada

What is Groundhog Day?  Groundhog Day is a observed every February 2nd in the morning around sunrise, when the groundhog wakes up. Once he wakes up, if he sees his shadow, there is six weeks of winter left, if he doesn’t then spring comes early.  While this is not an official holiday or a day […]

What is Martin Luther King Jr. Day?

Martin Luther King Jr. day falls on the third Monday of every January (In 2020 – January 20). Meant to commemorate Martin Luther King Jr.’s (here after, MLK) birthday, it’s a day to observe the ideals of MLK including interracial harmony, non-violence, and civil rights. (Ironically, due to this, “Civil Rights Day” is another name […]

NRI Pongal Celebrations in the USA and Beyond

What is Pongal? Pongal a four day South Indian Thanksgiving celebrated in mid January on the first day of Tamil calendar month Thai. Rituals and observances of this holiday, in a typical Tamil village include: “spring cleaning” and ridding of all old items through a bonfire, purchase of new items for household use, harvesting of […]

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