“Thanks a Lot” – Avoid Saying It, How to Respond to It

Saying Thank You is important to Americans. When saying it the right way, you can never go wrong. Not saying or saying it in the wrong way, however, can cause problems, whether with business associates, friends or near and dear.  While there are many ways to appropriately say “thank you,” the phrases “thanks a lot” […]

Things to do Before visiting India from the US

Checklist of Things to Do Before Leaving Your House in the US for Long Trips Inform your landlord.  For those who travel abroad for more than a month at a time, inform your landlord, especially if your landlord is not your trusted friend or family member watching the house. We wouldn’t want our landlord to […]

Tips for Putting Customers on Hold

When working in processes that require calling clients or colleagues, there will invariably be a time when he or she will have to be put on hold. How can we put someone on hold in a professional way? This post will explore some tips to polish call handling skills through discussion and video examples.   […]

Respond to Party Invites from Americans

In the U.S., expect formal invitations from those inviting you to parties. Whether the party is a wedding, a Christmas or Holiday party hosted by your team or office, or your neighbor’s Fourth of July BBQ, it’s important to know how to respond to party invites from Americans.  What is an RSVP?  RSVP stands for […]

Sample Emails To Checkin Before Vacations

When working with clients, one of the best ways to build relationships during long-term projects is the checkin email. Let’s look at some sample emails to checkin before vacations that can be used with those you work with in the USA. If the answer is yes, I would like to share a tip that can […]

Meaning of Swimming, Drowning, or Buried in Work

“We are swimming in approvals over here. Can you help us out?”  “I’m drowning….I just can’t seem to make it to the surface.”  “Accounting has requested us not to ask for any new P.O.s until next month as they are buried with approvals from last month that haven’t been processed yet!”  What do these statements […]

Respond to Holiday Wishes by Email

When working between cultures, sometimes we don’t always know how to respond to holiday wishes by email. Onsite colleagues, clients or business partners may know about when Indian holidays are happening. Especially for the most important festivals like Onam or Diwali or others depending on the region of India the offshore team sits, the American […]

Avoid saying this when upset with Americans

“Why are you always late to the weekly meeting?”  “Why won’t you help Paul?”  How would you feel if your manager or boss asked you these questions? Well, firstly, no one would want these questions to be asked to them because they have a tone of irresponsibility. But, in addition to that, answering these questions […]

Examples of Acknowledgment Emails

One of the common complaints from onsite is, “The offshore team doesn’t acknowledge our emails. When we send a question or a request, no one lets us know what is going on.” Sometimes onsite may ask offshore to complete a task. Instead of responding to the email, offshore talks to their team members to figure […]

Secret Santa Gift Exchange Rules

For those who celebrate Christmas at work with colleagues, to make it fun many may have participated in a secret gift exchange. Known as Secret Santa in the U.S., and Christmas Friend in India (at least in Kerala), this gift exchange game is popular in many offices and among many teams. So how do we play […]

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