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November 4, 2015

Welcome Irate or Emotional Customer Care Calls With These Tips

Bring a smile to the irate customer's face
Do you provide tech support or solve customer problems over the phone? Below are a few tips that can help you provide excellent customer service to callers who are emotional, while still leaving them with a good memory of you

During the Conversation:
  • Let the customer vent his or her problem. This makes them feel listened to. As a problem solver, you will also be able to pick out information and learn more about their problem. 
  • Don't interrupt them, or find polite ways to do so
  • Asking the customer a lot of questions before giving directions
  • Always keep a pleasant, collaborative tone 
  • Use a lot of pleasantries like please, thank you, and sorry 
  • Request using questions, not statements

During the Bug Fixing or Problem Solving Stage:
  • Be careful of dead air when fixing problems. There should be no more than 45 seconds of dead air. What can be done:
  • If the person is on hold: make small talk with them in between
  • If not on hold (or even if they are on hold), talk the customer through the process, what you are doing to fix the problem 

After the Call is Over: 
Take a 30 second break. Or a one minute break. Clear your head. Going into the next call with that weight on you will be heard in your voice by the next customer. Every business is a bit different, however. If you have a quota of so many calls an hour to solve, talk to your manager about this before doing. What I have noticed in coaching professionals in various Business Process Offshoring (BPO) operations is that this break actually helps them solve the next calls quicker because they are clearing their head of the stress from the previous calls. Try it out and share your feedback below! 

Jennifer Kumar, author of this article provides one to one and small group consultation to teams providing customer service to Americans and Westerners. For more information, get in touch with us today. 

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