February 14, 2015

Make Your Calls Alive - Add the Human Touch!

Use the tips from this post and video to improve your interactions with your clients or customers. 

Transition Phrases 
  • "Absolutely, I can help you with your needs." 
  • "How can I help you today?" 
  • Verbal nod (they can't see you) - "Oh wow. I am on it. I am here for you." 
  • Your response needs to acknowledge their pain 
  • I'll be glad to help you today.... 

To create the right responses, you must:
LISTEN, listen to their tones and pauses for their feelings.

Communication Tips: 
  • Must show empathy
  • Listen (don't just hear, listen)
  • Smile, SMILE and .... SMILE!

One of the main lessons of this video is that 'tactically sound' responses are good... but not good enough. Don't sound like a robot. Sound like a human who is listening (not just hearing), responding appropriately (not robotically or from a script), and is empathetic and feeling the pain of the client or customer to solve their problem to your best ability. Watch the video for more ideas.

To see this in the training, start watching from the two-minute mark.

Jennifer Kumar helps your India based US facing team members to communicate better with their American counterparts. If you'd like Jennifer to help your team with the skills in this video, contact her today. 

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