Filler Words: Eliminate For Clearer Communication

Quite literally, perhaps words just got in the way of really clear communication. If you really want to get people to quite literally do really amazing things, it’s better to be really, very clear about the stuff that you talk about!   The above opening stuffs all of the words that author Shanna Mallon suggests […]

Where to Live When Moving to India

If you are a foreigner relocating to India or coming to India temporarily as an expat professional, you will need to find a place to live. A few options are guest houses, homestays, PGs, service apartments, hotels, staff quarters, independent houses, and others. After reviewing all the types of housing, do take a look at […]

Culture Shock Lessons from ET: The Extra-Terrestrial

“An alien from outer space lands on another planet.” That’s how many of us expats and foreigners feel when in another country – it’s like an out–of-body experience. So many things are different, and we have to relearn all the things we thought we knew … all over again! Life in another country, in many […]

4 Small Talk Tips For International Teams

“I moderate a meeting with team members from the US, UK, Dubai, Hong Kong and Guatemala. How can I start the meeting with small talk if everyone is from different countries, cultures, and doesn’t speak English as their native language?”  This is a good question. There are considerations to keep in mind while moderating international […]

Common Questions in American English

When people speak at their regular speed, which is often fast for non-native speakers not used to the US accent, everyday, simple sentences sound like a foreign language.   Asking questions is one of the common conversational strategies in American English. In the video below, Ronnie teaches us some common questions used to start conversations […]

Filling Up Checks: USA vs India

Did you know that filling up checks is different in different countries? I learned this some years ago when tutoring Japanese students in the US. Now, living in India, I am slowly learning how to use bank accounts with Indian rules and etiquette. Take a look at these videos in filling out Checks in the […]

When Yes Doesn’t Mean Yes, I Agree or I Understand

There can be times when yes doesn’t mean yes. Sounds strange to most US Americans, but when working with colleagues from India, yes may not always mean yes, I agree, I understand, or I will do it.   Recently, in a cross cultural training with American colleagues and Indian offshore team members, one of the […]

10 American English Idioms Used at Work

The below list highlights a small subset of idioms that could be used at workplaces in the USA.  Go Into Battle  Some may also say ‘This office is a battle zone.’ People use this when they are confronted with a new job, a series of familiar tasks that are overwhelming, or parts of a task […]

How to Cross the Street in the USA

If you are coming to the US for work for for a long-term expat assignment, there’s a lot to learn to get adjusted. One of the things you will probably need to learn fast is how to cross the street in the USA. I have chosen several different videos from YouTube to demonstrate this. Note […]

Meaning of “Sounds Good”

What does “sounds good” mean?   This is an idiom or a phrase. It cannot be taken literally. This is a typical phrase used in everyday conversations in the US (even casually, among friends and family). People use this phrase in response to something they agree with and that leaves them with a good feeling. […]

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