Filling Up Checks: USA vs India

Posted On: June 18, 2015

Did you know that filling up checks is different in different countries? I learned this some years ago when tutoring Japanese students in the US. Now, living in India, I am slowly learning how to use bank accounts with Indian rules and etiquette.

Take a look at these videos in filling out Checks in the US  –   In India

Feel free to share any other differences you have noticed in personal and retail banking between Indian and American banks below in the comments sections. Notice in the post above I used two idioms to denote writing checks-  filling out and filling up. The idiom “filling out” is more typically used in the US, while “filling up” is more commonly used in India when filling out checks, forms, applications and other written documents.

Jennifer Kumar is a cross-cultural trainer helping Indians learn the basics of life and work with Americans for personal and career success. Learn more about the programs offered here.

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