Packing Your Suitcase to the US

Posted On: February 12, 2015

It’s important to know what should and should not be packed in your bags, both your carry on bag and check in bags when traveling to the US. In addition to the Indian baggage handlers, the immigration officials and security check at the airport of entry in the US will be very strict in what they allow into the US borders.

For the most up to date list of what you can and can’t bring on flights to and within the US, click here.

Keep In Mind – Very Important
Depending on where you start and end your journey, you may need to see what regulations your domestic airlines have as far as what you can pack, how many bags you are allowed, the sizes and the weight allowed.

International airlines have yet another criteria. Look up the regulations for baggage allotments on the website of the airline you are taking.

Domestic airlines in the US all have different rules and regulations. If your port of entry in the US is not your final destination, you will have to transfer from the international flight to the American domestic flight. Domestic airlines in the US all have different rules and regulations about baggage allotments. Again, always check the websites of the airlines you have booked your tickets with for those details. 

Keep in mind, too that if your connecting flight is a partner airline to your international flight you may not need to worry about changing your bags for the domestic airlines. This is not true in all cases. Always ask before leaving your country of origin. However, if your international flight ticket is purchased separately from your US domestic airline ticket (and it’s not a partner airline), the chances are higher that the suitcases you packed for the international flight are too many and/or too heavy for the domestic flight. In such cases, be ready to pay for additional baggage costs. See the airline website for the fee schedule as each airline has different charges.

Do NOT rely only on your friends, family, human resources, consultant or travel agent for this information. They may not always have the most up to date information. Always check the website of the airline for the most up to date information.

Also, always keep a weighing scale with you like the one pictured in this post so you can weigh your bags anywhere, as needed.

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