Cross-Cultural Training For Onsite Expat Assignments

Posted On: November 4, 2014

So… You are going onsite?  

Maybe you have been working with your US clients in India for years… but now…. it’s time to go to the US!! We are here to help you to know before you go!

In our program we can learn about any of the following – or tailor it to your need.

Ready to go onsite?

Diversity in the USA   
Did you know the distance from the east coast to the west coast is 4,800km or 3,000m? 

  • US citizens represent many cultures, religions, lifestyles. 
  • There are regional cuisines, with a variety of tastes. 
  • American English is made up of many accents, and local slangs
  • The US is not a ‘cold country’. There are cold and hot areas.
  • New York is not the same as New York City!

Don’t Go Clueless!
Learn before you go!

Home Teams
Know the popular baseball, football, and basketball teams in your client’s area. 

Local News/Weather

Improve your cultural and language fluency when interacting with US Americans

Find the local NBC, CBS, ABC or radio news to listen to the local events, local weather and pick up the local accent. Now you will be prepared to make small talk!

Lay of the Land
Use Google Maps to research the area you will be staying in before you go.

Time is Money

  • Always arrive 5-10 minutes before the scheduled time.
  • 1 hour meetings = 50 minutes.
  • Write meeting agendas, with clear names and time frames.
  • Let someone know ahead of time if you will be late.
  • Know the office hours expected for you to attend onsite. Do not be late.
  • Be 5-10 minutes early everyday.
  • Being late is the ultimate offense. Never be late.

Before you catch your flight…

A successful onsite business experience awaits you!
You and your colleagues will impress Americans onsite through learning and practicing:

  • Mannerisms for daily business interactions
  • Business communication strategies that exude confidence
  • Techniques to influence and impress in a variety of business situations, in and out of the office

Your Colleagues in the US Suggest..

  • Learn to drive before you go!
  • Learn how to cook and do household chores/laundry before you go.
  • Listen, participate, get others to participate.
  • Build your confidence in speaking in English, even with other colleagues from India, in casual situations so US clients and colleagues can build relationships easier
  • Speak up, don’t interrupt, ask questions.
  • Always, always, always be on time. Or, better yet, 5-10 minutes early.
  • Learn the organizational chart of your client site, names of key people, and how to address them. 
What to-be Expats have said: 

“Jennifer’s role plays gave me confidence to make small talk with my colleagues in the UK. I was surprised that even though she is from the US, and has a different accent, working with Jennifer helped me understand my Irish colleagues better, culturally speaking. My onsite visit to Ireland was a success. The first few days I was there, I had the confidence to go out with my colleagues after work and make small talk. This helped us work easier together throughout the time I was there.”   ~Software professional from Bangalore 

“Jennifer’s program helped us understand how to find a place to live once we landed in the US. She also provided us consultation on how to get settled, find ways to get a driver license, find schools for our kids and get into our new routine!” ~Software professional who moved from Chennai to Missouri 

For interactive cross-cultural training strategy sessions to prepare your India based offshore teams for successful expat assignments, contact Authentic Journeys Consultancy today!

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