How to Dress for Onsite Visits to the US

Dress to impress. Before even opening one’s mouth, an impression is made through the clothing and body language one presents in front of the other person. The discussion and videos in this post will offer suggestions for males and females on how to dress for success in a professional environment in the US.  Comparison for […]

5 No-Nos When Writing Professional Emails

The below five tips are suggested to avoid at work when interacting over email by the Business Insider. I will share their tips, along with how they apply to the majority of the companies I work with and the feedback from US clients and counterparts.  5 No-Nos When Writing Professional Emails 1. Waiting to respond […]

Different Ways to Say No – Video Tutorials

The videos in this post will showcase a wide variety of approaches to saying no, pushing back or declining requests in a polite way with Americans and while using English with native speakers.  A 4 Step Process to Saying No    5 Ways to Deliver Bad News Sometimes we have to tell clients, customers or […]

How to Overcome Negativity

Question:  If you had a friend, colleague or acquaintance you knew had potential but was always saying negative things, how would you respond? How can I overcome negativity? What if you have already tried techniques like changing the subject, trying to find the positive in the negative, or ignoring the negativity? (And, still after trying […]

Better Punctuation, Better Accent

A simple trick to getting the right flow in spoken English is to know when and how long to pause for various punctuation marks. In addition to the pause, it’s important to have the right tone to sound confident. Commas and Semicolons Length of pause: While commas and semicolons require a half pause.  Failing to […]

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