Different Ways to Say No – Video Tutorials

Posted On: January 25, 2015

The videos in this post will showcase a wide variety of approaches to saying no, pushing back or declining requests in a polite way with Americans and while using English with native speakers. 

A 4 Step Process to Saying No 


5 Ways to Deliver Bad News
Sometimes we have to tell clients, customers or colleagues things they don’t want to hear. This video will share a few strategies to delivering bad news in a more positive, relationship building way.


How to Say No to Your Boss
This video suggests a very similar easy four step process to saying no to the first video in this post.


Delivering Bad News About a Project
There will be times we need to keep the client updated on the status, but the update is not positive as we would hope. Rather than avoid giving the bad news, use the tips in this video to give bad news in a more collaborative way.


Customer Service Tool: One to Say Yes and Two to Say No
While the tips in this video relate to customer service approaches in retail, the underlying concept of problem solving can help ease saying no or delivering no-so-positive news to your client.


How to say NO! Communication skills that work
This is an ESL (English as a Second Language) learning video. This video does not focus on grammar but on how to use your words with Americans to decline requests in a polite way. More than other videos, this video may shed light on the mindset that Americans approach saying no with. Some of the suggestions in this video may seem too blunt for many Indians to apply. I am sharing this video mostly due to the first example, saying no at work when a manager asks you to do too many tasks.



Jennifer Kumar works with your offshore Indian team members to be more assertive, take initiative and learn to prioritize with more confidence while learning culturally appropriate ways of communicating this to the onshore team members. Contact her for more information. Or see an extensive program offering here
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