Instructional Design for Training Programs in India

How can I organize an effective training presentation for my India based team? For a US culture training, I deployed a culture intelligence quiz. Each participant would take this quiz and analyze how they fit into the US culture. Designed by Westerners for a Western and predominately, American audience, this approach was a disaster in […]

How Do Indians Manage Time at Work?

I’m always intrigued when I see the watch commercial shown in this post. It’s not only because I like Hrithik Roshan in this ad, but I often wonder how many Indians chase time like he does in this ad.  Letting time dictate one’s actions seems to be to be more of an American approach than Indian approach.  Pointing […]

Connecting With Indians in the Training Room

The American guest speaker had filled the room in Kochi, India with curious and keen listeners. The opening of the speech, meant to enliven the group, was a joke not only particular to Americans, but particular to a certain part of the US.   And, with that opening most of the listeners already disconnected.  That […]

Phrasal Verbs, Idioms and Slangs: A Comparison

Communicating in English is difficult if it’s not your native tongue. There are verbs to conjugate, grammar to master, vocabulary to internalize, and pronunciation to nail. You can hover over books and practice all you want, but it’s a completely different story the first time you communicate with a native speaker. Suddenly you realize that […]

Coordinating Meetings at end of Daylight Savings Time

Let us help you work effectively on virtual teams with US Americans. On the first Sunday morning of every November, Americans change their clocks to end daylight savings time.  Typically, the time change happens at 2 am. Instead of it being 2 am, it will be 1 am. Everyone gains one extra hour of sleep. […]

Cultural Reasons to Stay Silent in Business Meetings

If you work on a global software team, there is a good chance some of your dispersed team members work in a very different cultural context. While speaking up in meetings is common practice in the US, this is not the case worldwide. Let’s explore some cultural reasons for quiet offshore team members.  Do you […]

How Do Indians Celebrate Diwali in the USA?

If you have colleagues from India in your office in the US, you may wonder, “How do Indians celebrate Diwali in the USA?”   While Indians living outside India say there is nothing like celebrating Diwali in India, Indians worldwide celebrate Diwali with fanfare regardless of where in the world they live!   Indians living […]

Cultural Misunderstandings: USA and India

If we were to sit and count possible cultural misunderstandings between the USA and India, we’d understand that there is a vast chasm of diverse mindsets and values between us. In this blog, I’d like to explore a few of the common cultural differences between the US and India. I do have a bit of […]

Meaning of the Idiom All Over the Place

The client told us that the meeting was “all over the place”. Is this a good thing? What is the meaning of the idiom “all over the place?” Typically, this is not a compliment. When an American (or an English speaking Westerner) would say something is ‘all over the place’, they are communicating that they […]

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