IM With Clients: Polishing Casual Communication

IM or chat is a popular communication medium among distributed teams. While many of us use chat as an informal communication platform outside of work, there are many who use it at work for short, quick messages.  What are the benefits of using IM? IM is quick, and cheaper than using the phone for international […]

Three Steps to Building a Confident Voice

If I asked you to record your voice and listen back, what would you feel and think? Would you do it?   Most of us would feel uncomfortable. Most of us would think that we don’t want to hear our own voice on a recorder. Therefore, most of use would not do it.   To […]

ConceptShelf: Bringing Your Concepts to Reality

In this installment of the Startup Series, meet Sathya and Praveen of ConceptShelf.  Jennifer: Please introduce our readers to your team at ConceptShelf.   Sathya: We are a team of professionals with over 15 years’ experience in the nascent field of Information Technology. As a management team, we are truly committed to exhibiting our core […]

That Awful ‘Aw’ Sound in American English

Whichever way you spell it – o, au, aw, augh, ough, or a, the /aw/ or /ɔ/ sound is a hallmark of helping many Indians perfect their American accent (and sometimes English accents from other countries too).   To me, this sound seems to be one of the most challenging sounds to make, learn, and […]

When do Americans Eat Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner?

The mealtimes outlined in this post are somewhat typical for those who follow a ‘traditional’ schedule, who may have children that go to school, and those that may work day jobs (9am-5pm). Do note that there are many people or families who may not at all follow the schedule below, especially if they work odd […]

Back to the Drawing Board – Idioms in American English

Let’s say you are on a call with your US counterpart. You and your counterpart are planning how to add features into the website, but after trail and error, it’s not working out. Your US counterpart could respond, “Well, though we’ve tried a lot of things, it looks like we will have to go back […]


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