English Alphabets in Malayalam Script – MTI Reduction Tips

The grid below is a lesson in the book “Rapidex English Speaking Course” that demonstrates how to pronounce English letters though the Malayalam script. I am not an expert in Malayalam Linguistics, but from my limited understanding, I would guess this chart is written in a way to reduce the Mother Tongue Influence while spelling […]

Get to Know RapidValue Solutions in Infopark, Kochi

In this installment of the Infopark Startup Series, meet Rinish, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Co-founder of RapidValue Solutions. Jennifer: Greetings Rinish, thank you for your time today. Please introduce the readers of Authentic Journeys to your company.  Rinish: RapidValue is an end-to-end enterprise mobility solutions provider. We provide mobility solutions to the world’s largest […]

Who Pays For Lunch When Going Out With Colleagues?

Have you ever been invited out for lunch or dinner or drinks with your colleagues in the USA and wondered who pays for lunch? Should you pay your own way or should you let your colleague pay your way? Well, I have some thoughts on that I’d like to share.   If your colleague is […]

How Real is Culture Shock?

Rather than point you in the direction of academics like Bruce La Brack, David Pollock, Ruth Van Reken, Lynne Mitchell or the reputed training programs given by the Peace Corps, I will try to answer the question “Is culture shock real?” based on my own experience and reading.Everyday people leave one place to go to […]

Stop Robotic Speaking – Try This Trick

Let’s take a moment to compare the vowel sounds of Indian languages vs. American English.  Indian Languages:      Have symbols representing short and long vowels in written word  The symbol [typically] always represents the same sound  We know if the vowel sound is long or short both in written and spoken language  If a […]

Happy 5th Birthday Authentic Journeys Facebook Page

Happy 5th Birthday Authentic Journeys (on Facebook)! It’s hard to believe, but five years have passed since Authentic Journeys made its appearance on the Internet. It’s debut on Facebook was on April 1, 2009.  While the Facebook page started on April 1, 2009, the blog started in early 2010. To commemorate five years, let’s take […]

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