Use Gap Analysis For Professional and Personal Development

In this video, I explain how Gap Analysis helps us to set and achieve goals in the coaching process.   To watch the video on YouTube, click here. Video TranscriptGap analysis. What is this term gap analysis and how can it help you improve your soft skills, personality development and spoken English?  Well, hello, everyone. […]

Does Living Abroad Make Me More Interesting?

Will living abroad influence others to think I am more cultured or interesting? I used to think so! That’s the main reason I wanted to live abroad; initially.    “When returning to America from Kenya, I instinctively called my family members by the Swahili terms. It just seemed to come like second nature; and I […]

9 Lessons on Being a Public Speaker

Book Review By Guest Blogger: Hari KT   I’d like to share the 9 lessons on being a public speaker that I learned after reading the book the book Paid to Speak, Best Practices for Building a Successful Speaking Business. Preparing Before Delivery  Expect the unexpected. You should always remember this. It’s also a good […]

Tutoring and Teaching US Students

Having experienced going to college in the US and in India, I knew that teacher expectations and student learning expectations were different between these cultures. Over the past few years, I have been providing training to tutors based in India providing extra help, homework help and tutoring to kids going to grade, middle and high […]

Thanksgiving FAQ and Small Talk Tips

If you are looking for basic information on the Thanksgiving holiday, small talk tips for before and after the holiday, and what to expect if you are invited to an American’s home for Thanksgiving, this article is for you!  When is Thanksgiving?  Every fourth Thursday of November US Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. (Thanksgiving in Canada is […]

Around the Block or Around the World- Be True to You

“Around the block or around the world – be true to you” – this is the motto of my coaching. But, what does it mean exactly?   When we move to a new place- no matter how near or far- we will have to make adjustments to our lifestyle. Moving to another country is an […]

“Read Between the Lines” Meaning of Idioms

Though Americans are known for being direct and getting to the point, there are times when Americans talk vaguely or answer indirectly. In such cases, it’s important for you to ‘read between the lines’ to make educated guesses on what they are actually talking about. Remember, though if you do make an assumption in such […]

Five Things I Miss About America

I moved from the US to live in India for a second time in early 2011. A few months after moving to Kochi in the southwestern state of Kerala, like any expat, I started feeling homesick. Below I share a few things I missed about my country (and still do).My Family and Friends.  Believe it […]

5 Reasons Your Team Needs Cross-Cultural Training

If your team works across cultures, you may have pondered reasons your team needs cross-cultural training.  We have provided cross-culture training, global business coaching, destination services and a myriad of other virtual team building solutions to over 4,500 professionals on international teams since 2011. The excitement during the sessions is only surpassed by some of the […]

Instructional Design for Training in India

What should I keep in mind when considering instructional design for training programs in India?   For a US culture training, I deployed a culture intelligence quiz. Each participant would take this quiz and analyze how they fit into the US culture. Designed by Westerners for a Western and predominately, American audience, this approach was […]

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