Native Speakers Struggle with English, Too!

Vocabulary, grammar and preparedness are the top three worries many Indians have about speaking in English, especially with native speakers.   Even some of the best speakers of English I have met in India face this fear. I am here to share two secrets with you. Firstly, you are not alone. Secondly, native speakers face […]

My Immigration Battle (From India to Canada)

Kaberi Chatterjee shares the story of her journey from Calcutta to Canada.   Chapter 1 of 3: What so many people want to know   Pearson International AirportCredit: Kaberi Chatterjee I thought of writing these down last night. The words were dancing before my eyes up and down, and I shut my eyes tight to sleep. […]

What Do I Do With My Arms in a Presentation?

Who are some of the public speakers or presenters you like the best? Well, let’s turn that around – who do you not like, or who puts you to sleep?   Many of us remember our teachers or college professors. It’s a hard job standing up in front of large groups of young people everyday, […]

American English and Culture Training – 8 Video Lessons

Have you been invited out to lunch by your American colleagues? Are you wondering how to handle that situation? Or, are you curious how to respond to American party invitations? Maybe you’re looking for American English lessons? The slideshow videos in this post promise to answer some of your questions.   The American culture tutorial […]

Video Tutorials on American Culture & American English

The American culture tutorial videos on this page are free to view online.   For companies looking to purchase these videos, contact Jennifer Kumar.    The videos listed below can be purchased for use in classroom training as well as in online modules.   The videos on this page can also serve as templates. For […]


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