Creating More Positive Messages: No BUTs About It!

The most recent demo to the client went well, but we were not able to convince the US client why the additional feature was not required.  While this opening statement could be a more common way to give ‘negative feedback’ in some teams in India, and motivate teams to work harder or do something different […]

What is it Like to Live in Another Country?

For those of us who have lived outside our native country, this basic question and its answers are taken for granted. We want to learn more about the culture, lifestyle, and other factors of the places we will move to or live in. For us global nomads, we sometimes forget that there are people who […]

Authentic Journeys – New Website & Design

Introducing, without further delay, the new website and blog layout for Authentic Journeys.             Please visit the new website at   or the new blog at   Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement! Without you, none of this would be possible! Screenshot of our main page from 2013! Jennifer Kumar […]


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