Personal Space in India vs the US

I’m realizing a lot about my own culture now that I’ve had a fair amount of exposure to Punjabi culture. One thing I was thinking about today is personal space in India vs. the US. Many Indians think Americans are too individualistic. While I see their point, I don’t think this is an accurate description. […]

How NRI Children Find Adjustment to Life in India Difficult

Many Non-Resident Indian (NRI) families considering moving back to India wonder how their NRI children may adjust to life in India. Recently in interacting with Non-Resident Indian (hereafter, NRI) families considering a move back to India, I thought to share a few challenges NRI children who move from the USA to India face.  What Problems […]

Use a USA Based Phone in India

Many United States based Non-Resident Indians (here after, NRIs) travel to India every year with USA based cell phone carriers. Many wonder,  “How can I use a USA based phone in India?” Step 1: Find out if your phone is GSM or CDMA Carriers T-Mobile and AT&T are GSM compatible. (Verizon and Sprint are CDMA […]

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