November 21, 2010

An American Who Understands Tamil & Indian Culture

Understanding South Indian Cuisine and Culture:

Padmini NatarajanIt gives me great pleasure to say that Jennifer has given a detailed and comprehensive review of "Classic Tamil Brahmin Cuisine" that I have co-authored with Viji Varadarajan. She has taken time and detailed analysis to write about our book. It is interesting to see how a person, not from the same cultural milieu, can use the recipes with ease. It is truly a validation of our aim to make Tamil Brahmin Cuisine a easy and convenient cookery routine to follow. She has also made us think about some of the methods that are not easily understood by users unfamiliar with the processes. We will take her suggestions and incorporate them in future editions.
Thank you Jennifer for your meaningful and value adding inputs of our book.
With regards,
- Padmini Natarajan

Thank you, Padmini for your kind and thoughtful words. Feel free to read more of her thoughts at her blog, Padmum's Pen, and through her editing and cultural tips throughout the wonderful cookbook, Classic Tamil Brahmin Cuisine.

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See a video testimonial I made to thank Padmini and Viji here.

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