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November 23, 2010

Learning American English as a Japanese in the USA

Getting Used To Daily Life in America and American English: (Japanese, with English translation below.)
A Japanese expat learn to adjust to life in the U.S.Chiyomi's Testimonial

私とジェニファーさんは ボランティアを通じて知り合いになりました。こちらに来た当初は、何もかも不安でわからないことだらけでした。彼女は私に本当にいろんなことを教えてくれました。たとえば、アメリカの文化、発音の仕方(特にR,L)、ちょっとした生の英語、物の買い方、コーヒーショップでの店員とのやり取りの仕方などです
油形 千代美

Getting Used To Daily Life in America and American English:
"Jennifer Kumar is my tutor and my best friend. When our family came to the U.S.A , we had no information about Rochester and U.S.A and did not know what to do. We were very nervous and worried about our daily life. I met Jennifer through Literacy Volunteers. Jennifer continues to teach me things that are useful and help us. After the lessons, she makes YouTube videos to help me remember some lessons. She has taught me how to introduce myself to other people, talk with the cashier in the grocery store and how to purchase items in the deli, how to pay the rent, order coffee in the coffee shop, and how to improve pronouncing American sounds like L and R. We are relieved very much.
I feel confident that she is a great and reliable woman. I am happy to meet her!
I have recommended Jennifer to my friends, and I recommend anyone who wants lessons to contact her."

-Chiyomi Yukata

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