#stayathome Hashtag in Different Languages

As we are in quarantine or lockdown and some are using the hashtag stayathome (stay at home), I thought to post on Facebook to ask my friends to post this hash tag in different languages. So, this information is crowdsourced!! Apologize in advance for any mistakes as I am not fluent in any other language beside English […]

3 Million/ 30 Lakh Hits! Thank you!

Thank you for your support over the years! On February 6, 2020, this blog crossed the 3 million mark (30 lakhs)! Though we had posted about it on social media, it was not posted on the blog.. so here it is!!  Scroll down to see the posts on social media commemorating the 1, 2 and […]

Making Sense of Confusing English Sentences

Sometime in the summer of 2019, someone shared the image below with me of the article “You Think English is Easy” by Marlene Davis. I decided to make a few video tutorials of some of these unique English sentences that seem to have double meanings.  Before I get into it, it may be safe to […]

Balance Work-Home Life When WFH (Working From Home)

Many of us are now thrust, without preparation, planning or knowing what to do, into a working in a full digital environment- chats, instant messages, audio and video platforms -all from the comfort of our newly set-up home office.  This can, and often, does, change the dynamic between individuals and within teams. In the video […]

Cabot Conversations: MyStrong Circle Case Study

Recently, I (Jennifer Kumar), was approached by my long time client, Cabot Solutions in Kochi, India to initiate interviews with their clients through podcasts. I was thrilled to be ‘the chosen one.’ We held our first podcast/video interview recently, which has been posted to YouTube. I’d like to share that below as well as the […]

Podcast: Top 5 Pronunciation Tips for Virtual Meetings

Top 5 Pronunciation Tips  Andrea: [00:00:10] Hello, everybody, and welcome to the English with Andrea podcast. I’m your English teacher, Andrea Giordano from study with Andrea dot com. And today we have a very special episode of the podcast because we have a special guest on the podcast today, Jennifer Kumar from Authentic Journeys Dot […]

6 Small Talk Conversation Starters

Small talk is no small thing. It is what opens doors of conversation, business dealings, and future friendships. But what is small talk? When do you use small talk? Why is it used by Americans? What are some safe topics to bring up?  Small talk is polite conversation about unimportant matters. Small talk is never rude, […]

I Don’t Ask To Repeat Anymore!

“7 hours of your classes helped me improve my English much more than I have ever could have expected.”  Today when I asked the student I have been giving 1 to 1 English classes to for the last three weeks “How have you been progressing on the goals we set 3 weeks ago?” the above […]


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