Coaching Case Study: Importance of Listening

Do you feel tongue-tied in English (as your second or other language)? I’d like to share a case study from a client (working professional in late 40s – Team Lead of a Dev Team) I was working with just today. This is AMAZING.   A Motivational Coaching Conversation with a Language Learner   Me (Coach): […]

How can a cross-cultural business strategist help us?

Who gets help from a cross-cultural business strategist Answer: Since 2011, several categories of professionals have benefited from sessions with our cross-cultural and language experts at Authentic Journeys:   Virtual IT teams working across global boundaries. We help your teams communicate more effectively in daily StandUp meetings and in other interactions with clients and stakeholders in […]

Everyone Gets Heard During StandUp Meetings

Have you ever struggled with having all the team members speak up during a standup? Ensuring everyone gets heard during standup meetings can be a harrowing task for many reasons.  Helping make virtual team meetings more productive Distributed teams attend stand up meetings by web conferencing, con-call or other online collaborative tools. These meetings can be attended […]

Speak Up in Meetings with US Counterparts

Does your team feel shy or reluctant to speak up during daily stand-up meetings, status update meetings or interactions with US counterparts?   Use some simple group discussion skills to enliven your meeting to encourage participation. Encourage Participation in Meetings With These Strategies Add the person’s name into the agenda As team members may find […]

Tips to Network at Conferences

. With over 20,000 attendees, almost 200 sponsors and probably another 100 speakers and panelists, the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit is ripe for networking. This is my second year in attendance. Amazingly I was able to recognize at least five people that I had met last year. Though I attended a few seminars, the main […]

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