American Sports: What is Baseball?

As the weather in the United States warms in late May, baseball becomes a popular topic of conversation.  Summer and baseball are a perfect marriage.  So, if you are soon to engage an American in conversation, a timely subject would be baseball and the World Series.  Arial View of the Baseball Diamond (Playing Field) 1. […]

How to Use English so US Clients Understand with Ease

Do you ever feel that your English is not understood in the way you intend by your US counterparts and clients? Everyday in the status update call or stand up meeting, you share what you have been working on for the day, your blockers and what you will do tomorrow, yet, either your manager repeats […]

9 Tips for Expats Visiting India On Work

Are you going to India for work? I am an American who has lived in India for a total of about 10 years. The longest period of time I lived in India was when I lived in Kochi between 2011-2017. Kochi is in the state of Kerala in Southwestern India. I have also traveled between […]

Do NOT Say or Write This to US Clients

Of all the questions I ever get asked, this is probably the most common: What should I never say to US clients? While there are surely things NOT to say… …. there is never a one size fits all solution or list for all groups (depending on role and part of India, the English is […]

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