When to Use Advise or Advice in Office E-mails

The word “advise” is commonly used in work related emails in India. Some common sentences or uses include: “Kindly advise me what to do.” (At the end of an email.) “Frank advised us to….” (In the body of the email.) “I advised the client we would be late to the meeting.” “Please advise your convenient […]

Style Guides: Books to Improve and Set Guidelines for Written English

The Business Communicatiochin Coaches and Experts at Authentic Journeys refer to many books and sources to foster your journey to better English communication across global borders. Let’s take a look at a few books and resources we recommend you to get your hands on for your own personal and professional communication and soft-skill development. General […]

Strikes in India – How It Impacts Life, Work

Strikes in India, as in other places, happen mostly due to political reasons. Sometimes political parties cause drama, or particular events get politicized causing panic or outrage. Sometimes the public transport workers (bus drivers, auto drivers, taxi drivers, others) go on strike to try to get higher wages or for other reasons. Sometimes, the strike […]

Top 7 Guest Blogs of All Time

The first guest blog was posted to the Authentic Journeys’ blog in April 2011. Since then, a total of 40  guest blogs have been submitted by about 20 authors. Let’s see what the top ten guest blogs have been over the years. (We are no longer actively searching out guest bloggers.)   Top 7 Guest […]


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