What is a Social Security Card?

While social security cards are not ID cards that need to be carried around all the time, Social Security Cards and Numbers are required for those who want to work in the US, opening a bank account, and other tasks of life. For expats, international students and New Americans, the process for applying for a […]

21 Ways To Impress American Clients

After attending the U.S. business culture training – Virtual Meetings that Impress Americans & Get Work Done or Managing Client Relationships, participants noted these 21 ways they improved their client facing meeting skills.  Following the 21 pointers, take a look at the planning boards we use to conduct the sessions.  How To Build Better Relationships with […]

Presidents Day – A February Holiday

This “floating Monday” holiday, which falls on the third Monday of February, is officially known as Washington’s Birthday. However, as Washington’s Birthday (February 22) and Lincoln’s Birthday (February 12) fall close to each other, these two days were combined into one holiday colloquially known as ‘Presidents Day.’  Presidents Day is both a federal holiday, and […]

What’s Up with so Many 3-day Weekends?

“The Long Weekend” seems to be as American as apple pie. Americans may not think so, as we (me included) are so used to them. But, talking to people in India who work on global teams with Americans, many find the three day weekend an alluring idea.  Of course, many of the holidays that create […]


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