July 26, 2016

Free Tutorials on Business E-mail Writing Skills

E-mail writing is a skill. And, like any skill, it needs to be practiced. 

Business e-mails should influence the reader to think something good about us and feel something good about us so that they will do something with or for us. Do you agree? 

How do you feel about getting really long-winded emails without any formatting? 

It's probably frustrating. And, if you had many emails to read through, most likely these long winded emails would get skipped, right? So, in such cases you are not feeling or thinking anything positive and therefore not doing anything with or for the writer. 

But, we don't want readers of our emails to ignore us like we ignore writers who waste our time. To improve the readability, response rate and likelihood of getting something done from the result of our email, it's important to format our emails with skill.  

The tutorials below will help us to achieve this aim. Newer tutorials on formatting the emails are found here. 

Free Tutorials on Business E-mail Writing Skills

Tutorial 1:

Tutorial 2: Spacing & Formatting in an E-mail

Tutorial 3: Using Bullet Point Lists

Video 4: Format Emails for Easier Reading and Quicker Responses

Video 5: Writing Powerful Subject Lines (People will read your emails!)

What others have said that have taken the e-mail writing course:
"Before learning these tips, I'd have to sometimes wait days to get a response from clients. I was shocked when, after applying these tips, I found a response in as little as a few hours, in some cases!"

"Jennifer's tips helped me to confidently organize complex messages into easy to read emails for the readers. This took me some time to learn how to do, especially the summary parts, but I realized this also helped me to speak more clearly as well. Now my US counterparts are more easily convinced by my written word as it is more crisp and to the point."

Learn more about or E-mail Writing Workshops or contact us to sign up your team today!

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