How to Answer Teamwork Questions for Client Facing Interviews

Posted On: October 11, 2015

Many interviewers will ask questions related to how well you work as part of a team. Sometimes this can be a trick question. Do study the position you are applying for in advance. Does the position require you to work on a team, be an individual contributor or both?


Let’s look at some strategies in how to answer teamwork questions for client-facing interviews

If it requires working on a team, the following aspects of your answer could be weighed as important:

  • How do you keep others on your immediate team updated?
  • How do you manage working with a diverse set of individuals (temperments, work styles, strengths, challenges, etc.)?
  • Do you tend to volunteer yourself or nominate others when extra tasks are assigned?
  • How do you take initiative and/or speak up in a team environment?


If the position is for individual contributors:

  • How comfortable are you reporting directly to the client onshore?
  • What is your experience being client-facing?
  • How often would you keep the onshore team updated?


How to Answer Teamwork Questions for Client Facing Interviews

How to Answer Teamwork Questions for Client Facing Interviews


If the position requires both teamwork and individual contributions:

  • How do you balance being a team player with getting your own work done in a timely way?
  • Do you step in and help your colleagues when required? (Share an example.)
  • What are the differences between being a part of a team as compared to being an individual contributor?


For any type of position:

  • Employers want to be confident that you can work successfully in either teams or by yourself.
  • Employers, especially Western clients who are interviewing for outsourced and offshored positions, want to know you can work with minimal supervision, take initiative and report updates, problems and other news in a timely way.
  • Factor in how time differences play an role in communicating information in a timely way, especially over time zones.


Consider studying the job description and understanding it’s reporting structure to create your ideal answer to this question.

Below are a few video tutorials on how to answer teamwork questions during an interview.

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