Malayalee By Choice – Foreigners at Home In Kerala

Being a foreigner in some countries makes you an instant celebrity. Everyone knows who you are. People greet you on the street. Many, many people. Some you know, some others are complete strangers. It’s done out of curiosity and friendliness, though at times it can either be flattering or overwhelming. It’s not easy to blend […]

The Real Litmus Test: The Litmus7 Story

Venu Gopalakrishnan was one of the first entrepreneurs and start-up founders I met after coming to Kochi. His journey to entrepreneurship left a lasting impression on me. Today, I would like to introduce you to Venu and his company, Litmus7, located in Infopark, Kerala, India.  Jennifer: Good day, Venu. Thank you for taking the time […]

Ways to Avoid Extending Meeting Times

Do you ever feel that you’re running against time because meetings get extended without warning?  Or, are clients requesting meeting extensions while you are confident that the messages have been communicated?  Recently, a participant in a training session shared with me that the US counterparts are extending meetings without asking for permission. After sharing that, […]

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