September 23, 2015

Problems Faced on Conference Calls

Conference calls are part and parcel of life when working on distributed, virtual teams or working from home. Everyone faces some issues while on a conference call. Have you ever wondered what a conference call would look like or feel like in real life?   

Well, someone with a LOT of time on their hands has put together this well-made video highlighting this! 

Compiling basically every problem that could go wrong into one call and demonstrating it from a board room, in a face-to-face environment, this video attempts to show and make us laugh about all of the frustrations and problems one could face on a conference call.
Take a look and share your feedback in the comments below. 
  • What are some of the common problems you face on conference calls?
  • Are the problems in this video common for you? How do you overcome them?
  • What are some problems you face on conference calls that are not depicted in this video?

    Jennifer Kumar is a corporate coach helping Indians to communicate more effectively with their US and foreign counterparts. For information on customized small group or one on one coaching solutions, contact Jennifer today.

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