February 3, 2013

Accent Is Only ONE Part of Understanding Spoken English

Accents in and of themselves are not bad and do not always cause confusion or misunderstanding.   

Yes, this is my life's work. So, you may think I am tricking you by saying this. After all, if I say this, would I need customers?   Well, yes, because there is so much more to accent than meets the ears!   

Take a listen to this below video. This professor from Stanford University has an accent. But, he's made it WORK FOR HIM instead of AGAINST him. What techniques do you think he's applied to overcome an accent?   

Share your impressions in the comments section below on this blog.

If you think you need help with identifying areas of your speech to create a natural accent reduction, do not hesitate to contact me. I am Jennifer Kumar, an American living in Kochi, ready to meet you and help you learn various aspects of American accent, communication and culture to communicate better with your US counterparts. Contact me today.
Thank you for spending your time here. 

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