November 8, 2015

When Do I Need a Cross-Cultural Coach?

When do you need a cross-cultural coach and business strategist?  


Depends on the person and situation!

Below are 13 reasons international minded professionals such as you seek assistance from a cross-cultural coach or a cross cultural business strategist. This list is not exhaustive.

The Lucky 13 Questions We Can Work on Together:
  1. I work with Americans, but am not American. How can I understand American work expectations better to provide better customer service and service delivery?
  2. I want to be confident in making small talk with foreigners, specifically Americans
  3. I want to learn how to manage difficult situations (conflict) with my colleagues
  4. How can our team how handle diversity and be inclusive of people from different backgrounds in a professional manner?
  5. We are building teams across cultural and global borders. We want to know how to plan our projects keeping in mind each other's cultural and national holidays. 
  6. How do we host foreign delegates, clients or colleagues in offshore locations?
  7. What are the major US holidays
  8. How do I identify and cope with culture shock?
  9. I want my offshore team to understand US culture before coming onsite.
  10. How can we prepare to move home after living abroad for some time?
  11. How can I prepare and deliver engaging virtual meetings, presentations, demos and other interactions to global teams?
  12. How do I decide to move abroad for family, work, educational or other reasons?
  13. I work with offshore and want to understand my onsite client's culture

Jennifer Kumar, author of this post has worked with over 2,000 global professionals with the express aim of improving business relationship building on global, dispersed and virtual teams. Contact us today.

The whowhatwhenwherewhy and how of cross-cultural training and strategy facilitation.

Photograph by TEDxSea used under creative commons.

Original posting, Jan. 2011, Updated: Nov 2014, Nov. 2015

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