January 25, 2011

Who gets help from a cross-cultural business strategist?

Who gets help from a cross-cultural business strategist?


Since 2011, several categories of professionals have benefited from sessions with Authentic Journeys: 

  • Indians working offshore, interacting daily or regularly with US clients via email or phone.
  • Indians working offshore hosting US clients in India.
  • Indians working onsite in the US wanting to know how to improve their communication with Americans for moving up the corporate ladder.
  • Indians preparing to be expats going onsite to the client site. Sessions helped IT and other professionals to wine and dine clients or work onsite for an extended amount of time.
  • Prepare Indian business professionals to interview with Western (US, UK, Canadian, Australian) clients looking to hire offshore talent.
  • Professionals wanting to improve their written and business English skills in the US and global workplace.

Links to all five parts:
The whowhatwhenwherewhy and how of cross-cultural training and strategy facilitation.

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