A Powerful 15-Minute Coaching Session

As a coach, I always fretted about 15-minute laser coaching sessions. Of late, when I am in the zone, I have facilitated powerful 15-minute coaching conversations using some Solution Focused coaching techniques. Here is how one of those coaching sessions went.   A Powerful 15-Minute Coaching Session Coachee: I have this stressful situation at work […]

Facts About Pongal: Thanksgiving Festival in South India

If you have Indian colleagues who celebrate Pongal or are from Tamil Nadu and observe this holiday in India or abroad, this article will offer some facts about the Pongal festival in addition to conversation starters with your Indian colleagues.    Facts About Pongal   When is Pongal?  Pongal usually falls every year on January […]

20 Coaching Questions for Goal Realization

Let’s talk about how you can coach yourself in setting and achieving a HARD goal. In the video and detail below, I want to share more than 20 coaching questions you can use for goal realization. Though I am basing the discussion off of the book Hundred Percenters by Mark Murphy, I will be highlighting […]


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