Learn American Culture from a US Citizen That Lived in India for 10 Years

As of October 2020, over 4,200 professionals have attended Authentic Journeys workshops. While team leads, HR managers and training departments initially view the Authentic Journeys program offerings, many opt for tailor-made programs rather than the vanilla or cookie-cutter variety shown on the website. The list of about 20 programs in this post are a sampling of […]

Avoid Mistakes in Providing Good Service to US Clients & Customers

Transfer of knowledge between customer and client or technicians and lay people is imperative for any project to be successful. Communication and soft skills become all the more important when dealing between cultures, languages and disciplines.  How to Avoid Mistakes in Offshore Outsourcing  With Jennifer Kumar in Kochi, India, 2016 To quote Dr. V. Rajagopal […]

How Can I Adjust to Life in the USA Before Moving?

Culture shock may be unavoidable. Homesickness may also be a reality. Getting used to your work or college environment, family life, socializing with new people, getting around and eating new foods will all be a part of this. Some of those things and more you will surely face after getting to the U.S., but some […]

Immigrant Small Biz Owners in the U.S.

Did you know immigrants are twice as likely to start a business than a native-born American? Learn about some of the struggles and joys of immigrant entrepreneurship through the videos below which were filmed during the panel discussion events at Monroe Community College and SUNY Brockport. Jennifer Kumar, Managing Director of Authentic Journeys and Panel Discussion moderator stands […]

What is Covered in a Culture Training Program?

Everyday global professionals such as yourself read the Authentic Journeys’ blog wanting to improve confidence with their American colleagues. Although Authentic Journeys has trained over 3500 professionals in a wide range of business verticals, many still wonder what a cross-cultural training is like and what exactly is covered in the session. To continue this series […]


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