Avoid Mistakes in Providing Good Service to US Clients & Customers

In driving transformation for US stakeholders while working in a Global Capability Center, it’s essential avoid mistakes in providing good service when working across cultures. In this blog (and in the accompanying video) we will highlight best practices in working with US Americans, especially when you have never been to the US and lack the […]

How Can I Adjust to Life in the USA Before Moving?

Culture shock may be unavoidable. Homesickness may also be a reality. Getting used to your work or college environment, family life, socializing with new people, getting around and eating new foods will all be a part of this. Some of those things and more you will surely face after getting to the U.S., but some […]

What is Covered in a Culture Training?

Everyday global professionals such as yourself read the Authentic Journeys’ blog wanting to improve confidence with their American colleagues. Although Authentic Journeys has trained over 3500 professionals in a wide range of business verticals, many still wonder what a cross-cultural training is like and what exactly is covered in the session. To continue this series […]

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