Difference Between Hotel & Motel

“Yeah, the company put up me in a motel this time…..” my colleague said with a disparaging tone.   Even I was a bit surprised as it was standard for colleagues to be housed in hotels, and to top that, the motel was not in a very desirable part of town. Obviously, the company was […]

Service Area vs Rest Area: Travel in the U.S.

To make travel comfortable, rest areas (such as the one in Aberdeen, Maryland on route 95 south, pictured, right) and service areas are convenient stop-offs on long highway journeys. So, what is the difference between a rest area and a service area? In the video below, I share some of the differences I know as […]

Phrases To End a Meeting (English for Global Professionals)

Ending the call without saying goodbye is a cultural faux pas we all know to avoid especially with US customers or clients.  Keeping that in mind, what do we do when we have finished talking about all the business aspects of a call?  How can we wrap up the critical elements of the call before […]

What is it like to travel for work?

Jennifer Kumar, the Managing Director of Authentic Journeys has been traveling for her work since she started her career after graduating from college. In the video below, Jennifer shares her experiences about traveling for work, how she got to India, why she went to India and is now living in India for a second time, […]


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