Phrases To End a Meeting (English for Global Professionals)

Posted On: April 5, 2016

Ending the call without saying goodbye is a cultural faux pas we all know to avoid especially with US customers or clients. 
Keeping that in mind, what do we do when we have finished talking about all the business aspects of a call? 
How can we wrap up the critical elements of the call before saying good bye and hanging up? 

Whether you coordinate calls with multiple global stakeholders on a regular basis via concall or interact one-on-one with different customers every day in a call center type of environment, I have a few tips for you in the video below. While the three phrases to end a meeting noted in the video are not the only phrases you could use, it’s a good place to start. 

English Phrases To End a Meeting

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Another way to say “to end a meeting” is to use the phrase “wrap up.” To wrap up a meeting also means to summarize the main points, then say something to close the meeting discussion.


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