Change Clocks in 2022, 2023, 2024: US, Canada, UK, Australia

Did you know that your team members in India change their working hours to adapt to the time change? That is because India does not observe the time change. If we look exclusively at Indian Standard Time (IST) compared to Eastern Standard Time (EST), when we are in Daylight Saving Time (DST), between March and […]

Cross-Cultural Skills Resolve Conflicts In Daily Life

Did you know cross-cultural skills are helpful for understanding abroad and at home? When I say ‘at home’ I do not only mean in your own country of origin but literally at home– in your home among your family and friends. How can this be so? Well, let’s take a look at three cross-cultural skills: […]

Average Weather in the USA

When people think of the climate in the US, many may assume the U.S. is a cold country. This assumption is far from true. While there are parts of the U.S. that have cold weather, there are as many kinds of tundra as there are types of weather. I probably learned about this when I […]

Spring Ahead & Fall Back: What is DST?

Spring Ahead & Fall Back: What is daylight saving time (DST)?  Daylight saving time (DST) provides “extended” sunlight hours during the summer. Typically, those who practice DST must physically change their clock time ahead one hour (in the spring) or back one hour (in the fall) to ‘save time’.     Sometime in the mid […]

What is the Story of Onam (Onakatha)?

Onam is the most widely-celebrated holiday in all of Kerala, India. Have you ever heard about the story of Onam – Onakatha? Every year to celebrate Onam, the people of Kerala make pookkalams. “Poo” means flower and “kalam” means design.  These flower designs or flower carpets can be comprised of pretty and colorful designs, while […]

Onam Office Celebrations at GeoInfopark, Kochi, India

The beautiful designs shown in this post created for Onam office celebrations at GeoInfopark may look like something out of a kaleidoscope, but actually, they are flower designs called pookkalam. More than flowers, these designs require an immense amount of patience to create. The green and dark purple colors are the hardest to come by. […]

Some Onam Symbols, Games and Activities in Malayalam and English

Countless representations of Maveli pop up almost overnight throughout Kerala as Onam nears. Maveli is one of the iconic onam symbols and ‘mascot’ of Onam, just as Santa is for some at Christmas. Though Maveli can look a little different in different forms, there are a few common characteristics that must be there: He must […]

Onam Celebrations at Work in Kerala, India

Onam falls every year between late August and mid September for 10 days. Onam is the major holiday of the people of Kerala, a state in southwestern India. Onam is a harvest festival, but it also has mythical connections. Every year during Onam, the king of yesteryear, King Maveli (Mahabali), comes to visit. Many moons […]

Perception: How Others See Us Abroad

When we are suddenly thrust into another country and culture, we suddenly ‘stick out.’ Previously, blending into the crowds around us, being one of the masses and having some anonymity now becomes a thing of the past. Our foreign looks or dressing style sets us apart instantly. Even for those of us moving to similar […]

Debriefing Cultural Mind Maps

The first tip in a series of tips on How to Broach Delicate Topics is to:   Have the person identify their impressions about cultural practices from the country in question.    Debriefing Cultural Mind Maps: National Cultures Have your conversational partner or training attendees brainstorm all the impressions of the country they are going to. They […]

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