Soft-Skills for IT Teams in India

Soft-skills training and development became a hot topic in India since the early 2000s when outsourcing, offshoring, BPOs, and call centers were all the rage. In his paper entitled Soft-skills Training and Cultural Sensitization of Indian BPO workers: A Qualitative Study, Ramesh Subramaniam says that new hires in BPOs and call centers in Bangalore in […]

Why is Voice Mail Important in the US?

While many Indians find voice mail alien or impersonal, Americans often rely on voice mail as a reliable relationship building tool. Though these two mindsets are in direct opposition to each other, it’s imperative that Indians working for offshore companies understand some of the reasons why Americans may not answer their phone, and why they […]

How to Close an Email

When we end a conversation, we close it. It only seems polite to know how to close an email as well.   While, one-liners would not typically have greetings or closings, as they may resemble IMs or text messages, the tone of longer emails rings nicer with a relevant closing. Receiving an e-mail without a […]

Interviewing with US and UK Clients

If you work for a company in which outsourced projects from the U.S. and the U.K. prevail, at some point you may need to sit for an interview with the client offshore to be chosen for project roles.    Interviewing with US and UK Clients – Here are 9 Overarching Guidelines  Before the interview and […]

“Tell Me” – Use in US English

In India, “tell me”, or more appropriately, its Indian language equivalent is often heard as a typical phone greeting, sometimes before hello or any other greeting is said!  To many foreigners, and especially Westerners, this may seem odd. However, if we look at Indian languages, the translation of this phrase “tell me” can be said […]

We Can Now Engage with Americans with Confidence

What strikes me most about Jennifer is her passion and focus. We worked together on a project for my client where she took extra care to understand the need, create a framework that would work in the time we had, and build trust and a comfort level with the group. I found they were relaxed […]

CogniCor – On the Cutting Edge of Artificial Intelligence

In this installment of the Infopark Startup Series, meet Jyothis, the Operation Lead of CogniCor, India.  Jennifer: Jyothis, welcome to Authentic Journeys on behalf of CogniCor.   Jyothis: Thank you, Jennifer!   Jennifer: Recently CogniCor was recognized by a prominent Indian organization. How was CogniCor recognized?   Jyothis:The National Association of Software and Services Companies […]

One Trick to Help You Speak Clearly in English

English has a lot of sounds that require the speaker to drop their jaw, or open their mouth wider than in other languages. When the jaw is too tight, and the mouth is not open far enough, the sound will not be easy to hear, and it will get muffled. This is especially true for […]

4 Ways to Impress American Customers

The tips presented in this article will help in interacting with American customers. Many tips can be given as Americans have a particular mindset which can cause misunderstandings to those not familiar with the culture.     4 Strategies to Make US Customers or Clients Thrilled With Your Service  1. Tell the customer about the features […]

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