CogniCor – On the Cutting Edge of Artificial Intelligence

Posted On: June 17, 2014

In this installment of the Infopark Startup Series, meet Jyothis, the Operation Lead of CogniCor, India. 

Jennifer: Jyothis, welcome to Authentic Journeys on behalf of CogniCor.  
Jyothis: Thank you, Jennifer!  

Jennifer: Recently CogniCor was recognized by a prominent Indian organization. How was CogniCor recognized?  
CognicorJyothis:The National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) launched a brand new award in the start-up space to promote the startup movements in India. In Kerala, NASSCOM has a partnership with the Kerala Management association (KMA) for the award selection process.  

We came to know about the award through the NRI TBI Team where CogniCor is incubated. We were shortlisted from 36 startup companies and invited for a final round presentations along with other six companies. We won the title “Best Emerging IT Start-up Award.” (Pictured, right)  

Jennifer: This is really exciting. How was CogniCor eligible for this?
Jyothis: As you know, our solution is unique in the industry and had quite a bit of international traction last year. Because of that exposure, we were able to convey our aggressive growth history and company’s long vision in front of the panel.

Jennifer: Like many companies in Infopark, CogniCor has international connections. Where are the other locations of CogniCor? How do these international locations provide exposure to CogniCor?
Jyothis: We have a team in Barcelona, Spain, as well. As we are working in the area of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the international connections help us to identify the right talents in specific areas like AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Jennifer: CogniCor’s Kerala location is in the NRI-TBI smart space in Infopark, Kochi, an incubator. How can start-ups or small companies benefit from being located in an incubator?
Jyothis: It is quite important for a start-up to be part of an eco-system where it can collaborate and grow. Being a part of the Non-Resident Indian’s – The Business Incubator (NRI-TBI) gave us immense exposure to key investors and potential clients. And of course, the incubator helps start-ups to reduce the operational cost, which is very important, at least in the early stages. 

Jennifer: CogniCor has an intriguing solution that is unlike any other. How would you describe this solution to an average person who is learning about it for the first time?
Jyothis: Our solution helps medium and large enterprises to resolve complaints automatically using AI techniques. In short, our system is capable enough to replace a call center agent to some extent.

Jennifer: What industry verticals does the software support?
Jyothis: Even though our current focus is in the telecom sector, our solution can be easily expanded to many other business verticals. Our main customers are large service providers who interact directly with customers such as Vodafone and O2.

Jennifer: What are some of the most successful outcomes clients have had using your solution? 
Jyothis: To date, CogniCor’s solution has successfully resolved around 90,000 real complaints for international telecom clients with an accuracy of 81%. By using CogniCor’s solution, clients reduce complaint handling costs by 80%.

Jennifer: CogniCor has experience working with global audiences. For others who want to enter a global market, what advice would you give to others to forge and form successful cross-cultural partnerships?
Jyothis: We should talk in their business language in order to build the confidence with customers. Along with quality deliverables, we should invest our time and effort to build the soft skills for smooth interaction with our international clients.

Jennifer: Jyothis, thank you for your time today sharing the CogniCor story and lessons that we can all benefit from. Are there any parting words of encouragement to leave our readers with?
Jyothis: Dream Big! Believe it!

Jyothis KS, pictured above, holding the award from the left, is the Operation Lead of CogniCor, India. With over a ten-year track record in the software industry, he has also worked with other software giants such as Infosys and Cognizant. 

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