An Easy Way to Say NO to US Clients

Negotiating deadlines, how to say no politely to not totally end communication with US counterparts is an art. This is one of the hot topics that arises in all management seminars I facilitate. As many Indians are uncomfortable with a flat out NO, we work on ways to say yes, no and partial agreements that […]

Conversation Tips in Negotiations

Were you recently taken by surprise in what was considered a routine standup meeting to be asked to change the course of what you were working on?  Were you asked to do something that you felt was not so easy to do, not good for the long term outcome of the product or something you […]

How to Change Behavior When Adapting to A New Culture

If you are wondering how to change behavior when adapting to a new culture, creating a culture shock relief plan is only a part of the solution to some aspects of culture shock. When we adapt to new cultures, we are challenged to adapt new thoughts and behaviors. It can be, and often is, quite […]

Cross Culture Training Programs in Kerala, India

Cross-Cultural Training Programs in Kerala, India  See our most up-to-date case study portfolio from 2011-present. See our most recent updates in 2020 on LinkedIn. To work with us today, contact us here. 2013 was an exciting year. I met so many interesting and inspiring people, was able to learn more about Indian business, and saw the interiors […]

India & USA: Days Off in 2014

Do you work between the US and India? Would you like to keep track of the holidays between these two countries? Of course Indian holidays vary widely from region to region and state to state, unlike in the US where they are more or less standardized from sea to shining sea. That being said, the […]

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