American Accents – Test Your Listening Comprehension

Test your American English comprehension by listening to these videos of various American accents!   I urge you – don’t just listen, shadow! If you hear an accent had by your client, listen, stop the video and mimic it! It will help your listening comprehension when talking with your clients, as well!    This first […]

How to Pronounce the Word Country in American English

How to Pronounce “Country” in American English – Podcast  Step 1:  Divide the syllables:  Coun | try  Step 2:  Pronounce syllable 1 – COUN  Coun – as in the word cunning  This vowel is the “uh” sound, and it’s a short vowel. This vowel is a sustained sound and vibrates, similar to the v and […]

Why Americans Expect Counterparts to Ask Questions

This is a hot topic in my coaching engagements and management seminars. I am often assigned to work with up and coming managers and even seasoned managers with 5-20 years of experience to help them “take initiative” and “ask questions.” When we start the sessions, I am often asked, “Why do Americans expect me to […]


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