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September 22, 2013

Tips for Negotiating Persuasively

To tell you that there's a one size fits all solution to negotiation would make me irresponsible. There are so many factors that influence any negotiation. It depends on the stage of the client engagement, what's being done, process (or lack thereof) in place, and many other factors. 

In the video below, we will learn about three strategies: 
  • Take the perspective of the person/people you are talking to 
  • Always ask for more than you want 
  • Never take blame for the 'no' or push back 

Scroll below the video for three case studies from the Indian scenario that apply to these tips. 
This video is not made by Authentic Journeys.

Tip for strategy #1: 
Take the perspective of the person/people you are talking to
First and foremost, I am asked to consult with Indian team to help them to gain a better perspective of the American client's approach. Learning about the problem from the Indian mindset, then finding the gap between the Indian approach and the American desire often leads to many game changing strategies.

Tip for strategy #2:
Always ask for more than you want
This tip must be adjusted to the situation and requirements in question. What is it that you want more of - time, payments (money), resources (employees/technology)? When you find out what you need more of, back it up with evidence. This evidence might be based on experience with previous past projects or other research or industry knowledge.

Tip for strategy #3:
Never take blame for the 'no' or push back.
In some cases, you may be able to blame your project manager or boss for the 'no.' Otherwise, we have to be creative in finding something else to blame the 'no' on. This is where I am bought in to help you brainstorm the parameters that can be used in your current and future situations.

Jennifer Kumar is a corporate coach helping Indians gain perspective with their US clients, communicate more clearly, impacting negotiations in a more productive way. Contact her to start your sessions today.

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