How to Use a Full Stop (Period): English Tips

Learning how to use the full stop (period) will not only help you to punctuate written English properly, but in how to pause and pace yourself properly in spoken English.  Take a look:  Incorrect:   My name is Jennifer . I am from the USA . My hometown is Rochester , New York.  Correct:  My […]

How to Say English Words Ending in TION

In its purpose to confuse and perplex, native English speakers have a unique way of pronouncing words that end in TION. Words in this category can include (not limited to): motion, perception, exception, pronunciation, etc.  Pronunciation Tips for TION:  TI sounds like SH.   ON can sound like “un” (as in “shun”) or “in” (as in […]

Free Tutorials to Improve Your English Skills

What can I do in my spare time to improve my English pronunciation?  What can do in the privacy of my own home to practice speaking better English?  Try the reading, listening, and shadowing in the exercises below.  Accent & Pronunciation Exercises – with video and audio demos: The AW Sound in American English B […]

Common English Phrases in Sample Sentences

Use of English Idioms in Real Life Conversational English Ten sentences follow using idioms. The phrases or phrasal verbs are in bold. Descriptions or definitions are below the sentence. He doesn’t get into work until 10am. Can we put off the meeting until then? “Get into” – arrive “Put off” – delay He is running […]

American English Idioms about Talking With Sample Sentences

What do these idioms mean?  To shoot the breeze.  Are we speaking the same language?  He’s talking a mile a minute.  Spill the beans!  Can I talk you into it?  I’ll be able to talk you out of it!  Watch this below video to understand their common threads, as well as their subtle differences. Follow […]

Shadowing – An Easy Technique to Improve English Pronunciation

Many techniques to learn a second language stem from how we learned our own native language while growing up. Shadowing is no different. Shadowing is nothing but mimicking another’s voice, accent, tone, pace, and other speech inflections to sound like a native speaker. Some people are really very good at this. Shadowing can be done […]


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