“How I Met Your Mother” in the American Accent

Do you like the American sitcom How I Met Your Mother? Would you like to know how Americans would pronounce the show’s title? Would you like to learn how to understand the American accent and replicate it?   In this soundbyte below, I share some tips on understanding Americans when they talk fast. These tips […]

2012 – A Year Of Awesome Cross-Cultural Coaching & Training in India

View a slideshow which chronicles some of the amazing people that I have met and inspiring events that I could be a part of because of Authentic Journeys.  Meet our clients from 2011 to present! For the most popular blogs on Indo-American cross-cultural topics, click here.  Cross-Cultural Training Projects in India 2012 Presentation Transcripts: 1. […]

India and U.S.A. Holidays 2013

What are the most common holidays in the US and India? This list of holidays, vacations and days off will help cross-border teams between the U.S. and India know when holidays happen in each other’s offices.   Take note that typically U.S. holidays are standard across the country except for minor changes. Indian holidays, however […]


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