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October 12, 2011

Retain Identity While Adjusting to a New Culture

Is it possible to adjust to a new culture; adapt to new behaviors, expectations and mindset while retaining your cultural identity?

Changes will happen as we mature and take up new life roles regardless of living at home or moving abroad. Moving abroad heightens this experience because everyone around us is foreign and behave in ways we don't understand or expect and the problems that we encounter and how we have to solve them take on new meanings.

One reason we travel and live abroad is to experience different ways of life; open our mind to new possibilities. This exciting process of being thrust into a new life can leave us with mixed emotions as we adapt and learn to remain true to ourselves. As we learn new things; we wonder if the 'old ways' or our 'true selves' are being compromised in the process. Is it possible to adapt to new culture and ways of life while retaining one's identity?

I explore that very question in this article embedded in the image below, Give and Take of Cultural Adjustments, which was published in Careers 360 a national magazine published in India. 

See the article on the Careers 360 website, or read below.

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