“India Was One” – Book Review

“India Was One” – Book Review Can love really conquer all? Can love bring together diverse cultures that seem at times to mingle only out of necessity but at other times be forcefully territorial about their differences and claims of originality?   India is a diverse country and one of its mottos is ‘Unity in […]

My Teacher Gave Me The Wrong Grade, What Can I Do?

Have you ever thought, “My teacher gave me the wrong grade, what can I do?”  For international students in the US, there may be something you can do. I will share some ideas below, but it is always ideal to check with the policies and procedures of your college, university or academic department before proceeding. […]

Tips for Expats Relocating to Dubai

‘Tis that time of season when freshly relocated expatriates have more or less settled into the surroundings and situation of their newly chosen home countries. Let’s be honest – even in some of the biggest expat hubs such as Shanghai, or Moscow, and even after some time spent acclimatizing, foreigners are still quite easy to […]

Retain Identity As an Expat

Is it possible to adjust to a new culture; adapt to new behaviors, expectations and mindset while retaining your cultural identity? Changes will happen as we mature and take up new life roles regardless of living at home or moving abroad. Moving abroad heightens this experience because everyone around us is foreign and behave in […]

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