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July 5, 2011

How American Professors Approach Teaching

American College International Orientation Exercise #2- University of Nebraska at Lincoln
Teaching Philosophy and Classroom Expectations From Professors

Video Name: Computer Science & Engineering, Engineering College, UNL
Watch below or on YouTube. Click here.

College Featured: University of Nebraska – Lincoln

What is this video about: The Computer Science and Engineering Department
Highlights about the department as told by students, staff and faculty of the department.
Descriptions of the department and some of the programs.
Talk about some of the projects and facilities in the department.
Philosophy of teaching and learning in the department.

Cross-Cultural notes:

  • Take note of the teaching philosophy and the expectations teachers have of students.
  • Note how the teachers prefer students to relax and be creative – it’s not about spoon feeding.
  • Take note of the real-life practical application students get to learn on their subject (it’s not just book knowledge).
  • What other cross-cultural differences do you spot in this segment?
Information about this video/ college:
University of Nebraska at Lincoln.
Computer Science & Engineering Department
Witawas Srisa-an – One of the professors featured in the video

Location of this college:
This college is located in Lincoln, Nebraska in the mid-west part of the USA. Nebraska is a state known for being flat with a lot of wheat and farm fields. The most famous TV character from Nebraska is Penny on the Big Bang Theory.

Map (City and surrounding area, not exact location):

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Thank you for taking the time to do the exercises and watch the video. This will help you better prepare for a successful cross-cultural adjustment in the USA.

*I as the author of this post and blog am not being paid to promote these videos or colleges. I chose these videos on my own based on the fact that that they showcase American college culture in a way I found useful to the International College Orientation Process.

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