Our Team is More Effective When Working Together and WIth US/Canadian Clients Now!

Posted On: July 5, 2011

Feedback on a 6 Week Culture and Communication Program for Developers Working in India with US and Canadian Counterparts

What the participants liked the best about the program: 

Improving Communication on Global Teams- India, Canada, USA
  1. The thing I liked best about your program was how you organized the topics for the class and how you provided the right environment where my teammates and I felt comfortable to speak up, answer questions, share our ideas and ask our doubts. This helped me to learn more!
  2. I really liked your teaching style. Everything was expressed simply, and in a way I could easily understand and do. The email writing tips and practice was the most useful for me.
  3. I learned how to effectively ask questions. This helps when gathering requirements and in daily standup meetings. I have learned to prepare my questions in advance, so I am not stuck looking for the right words to say. I am not going silent in meetings now.

What they will be able to implement immediately: 

  1. How to plan effective business meetings with US or Canadians 
  2. Note taking skills 
  3. Giving solutions and ideas when asked (I feel more confident to speak up now, and how to articulate what I want to say)
  4. I am able to write more concise emails. My emails used to be very long and confusing. Now the Canadian or US counterparts answer quicker and I get all my questions answered quickly.
  5. I am learning how to present my demos in a more interactive way. The clients are able to have a better conversation with us now.
  6. I am not only able to communicate more effectively with the clients but also with my team. My team and our workflow has improved as we are able to share things more freely with each other now.

Notes about this particular program: This program took place over 6 weeks with one or two one hour team sessions a week. There was a lot of email writing practice, meeting management practice (a few sessions were totally planned, scheduled and organized by the team themselves with critique on the process from the facilitator). We also had sessions on business English, some differences or awareness around different Englishes (Indian, American, Canadian). The facilitator gave feedback over the weeks on various skills to help improve their skills.

Read how our coach, Jennifer Kumar applies coaching competencies to build your team’s confidence and leadership skills to work across cultures. 

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