Role Model for Blending and Balancing Cultures

Why I feel it’s important to work with a cross-cultural coach Greetings!! I have known Jennifer through emails and Facebook. We haven’t even had a conversation yet. However, I sometimes marvel at the fact that how she balances or I should blends, this cultural cocktail beautifully. I think she achieved this balance in life (as […]

Feeling Jobless on H4? 35+ Ideas of Things To Do!

It’s not always fun being the “trailing spouse.” Sitting at home staring at the four walls wondering how to spend your time on a H4 or F2 visa? Just because you can’t work and make money doesn’t mean you have to sit idle, bored, listless and frustrated! What can I do to keep busy on H4? […]

Questions Every To-Be America-Bound Desi Spouse Should Ponder

What should I consider before getting married and moving to the USA?  Congratulations on your engagement and marriage! I wish you and your family many happy and fruitful years ahead! If you are moving to the U.S.A. after marriage, you may be looking for answers to the following questions: What is America like? How will […]

Do Not ‘Settle’ For Settling Abroad: Plan Ahead For the Best Cross-Cultural Adaptation

Everyday hundreds and thousands of Indians enter an arranged marriage to a spouse who is not living in India. If you’re from India or have Indian friends, you know it is hard to meet someone that doesn’t have a friend or relative in the U.S., studying, working or …. sitting at home on an H4 […]


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