Role Model for Blending and Balancing Cultures

The process of Blending and Balancing Cultures with a Cross-Cultural Coach Greetings!! I have known Jennifer through emails and Facebook. We haven’t even had a conversation yet. However, I sometimes marvel at the fact that how she balances or I should blends, this cultural cocktail beautifully. I think she achieved this balance in life (as […]

35+ Ideas of Things To Do on H4

Living in the USA on an H4 visa can be frustrating. Let’s talk about ideas of things to do on H4 so you can feel more interested in living in the US as a “trailing spouse.” Sitting at home staring at the four walls wondering how to spend your time on a H4 or F2 visa? Just […]

Should I marry an NRI and Move to the USA?

What should I consider before getting married and moving to the USA?  Congratulations on your engagement and marriage! I wish you and your family many happy and fruitful years ahead! If you are moving from India to the U.S.A. after marriage, you may be looking for answers to the following questions: What is America like? […]

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