CEFR: Self-Analyze Your English Language Skills

One of the ways we track your progress through our coaching and training programs is through the use of the CEFR self-assessment tool. Take a look at the video below to help you understand how to use this tool to assess your language skills.¬†     How can I use the CEFR to to¬†analyze my […]

3 Tips to Speak Confidently in English in Virtual Meetings

Most likely, you’re a non-native English speaker looking for strategies that you can apply to communicate more effectively with confidence in a virtual business environment, is that correct? Well, I hope so, because you have come to the right place. I’m Jennifer Kumar from Authentic Journeys, and I’d like to share three strategies with you […]

New Year Wishes in 40 Languages

Thanks to my Facebook and professional online networks, I have compiled the following list of global new year greetings!  In each line take note:  The name of the language: The greeting in that language. Words in parenthesis (…) are the required transliterations for any scripts that aren’t Roman. Blue bolded word are the translations.  If there […]


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